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Character is the most over looked Basic of all The Basics. Character is defined as follows: Following Through on a Decision long after the Excitement & Emotion of the Moment has Passed. That’s right! So if you don’t feel like doing the work, but would love to leverage the benefits of capitalism to invest into your future, then I can help! Money is the utility leveraged to translate what you see in your mind, into a reality that you want to live. So lets build something!

Digital Marketing

Services That Can Help You Win More

Digital Marketing

Build An Website, Rank It For The Your Keywords, Cover Your Social Media Basics, Setup Paid Ads, Send Emails & Experience A Return On Investment!

Videography & Photograpy

The Rule Of Thumb Is; Quality Content Is Always King! Photos Speak Words; But Videos Create The Sale. Its a Universal Law; Quality Attracts Quantity.

Lifestyle Strategy

Blueprinting Maps For A Designed Life Journey Requires Many Types Of Mindsets Throughout Life’s Seasons. Core Values Power The Internal Compass.

Business Development

Cover The Startup Basics! Think About Tax Strategy Angles For Your Business. Build Out A Team Culture To Birth Growth, Optimize & Create Repeat Sales.

Live Your Life By Design

When We Can Focus On A Definiteness of Purpose, With A Burning Desire; We Can Create The Riches We See In Our Mind.”

What if I told you that you don’t have to let your Life or Business pull you in any direction or event that the wind blows. Your business is like a Fully Equipped Ship at Sea, going full speed with the wind, but if you have No Map or Destination, it is equivalent to having No Rudder. Maps, Blueprints, Drive & Vision Walls are apart of the success basics. Read the Secret Sauce Recipe below. Apply what works for you & Win.

The Secret Sauce - Master The Basics


Be More

Be More: Using your Mind’s Eye, see your Ideal Future Life. What does it Look like? How’s it Feel having it?


Do More

Do More: Using Imagination & Believing in your Future; Creates the Actions for Accomplishments.


Have More

Have More: Accomplishing Goals creates More Confidence in the Person that you are Becoming.


Give More

Give More: We all must Become more, to Give more. One Can Not Give, What One Does Not Have.

Get The Secret Sauce Recipe!

A Designed Life Helps Us Become Centered & At Peace. “Newness; Creates A Feeling Of Anxiety & Unknown.”

Have you been wanting to win more? When living a life by design, you can do more, become more & go further than most of the population.

Instantly Receive The Secret Sauce Recipe Today!

What I Love To Do

Life Strategy

Knowing Why & Where You Are Going; Makes All Of Life's Challenges Simple. Be The Winner In Your Life's Book!

Digital Marketing

The Internet Keeps Creating More Digital Marketing Opportunities That Anyone Can Become A Local Celebrity!

Content Creation

The Camera On Your Mobile Phones Gives Us All The Same Potential As A Professional Hollywood Studio!

Optimizing Systems

Most Growth Potential Is Found In The Optimizing Of Internal Systems That Increase Results On Your Scoreboard!

Business Development

Take Care Of The People & The People Will Take Care Of The Customer. Build An Organization With Core Values!

Automating Systems

Leveraging Data Technology Within Your Business, Increases Performance Opportunities & Drops Wasteful Risks!

“Be the Captain Of A Fully Equipped Ship. Build A Team & Use Maps! Focus & Live By Design.”

Curtis Melançon

Mind Over Matter

More About Me

“The ones crazy enough to think they can, are often the ones that do.”

I am a builder. I enjoy helping turn the invisible into the physical. With the large amount of opportunities in today’s world, the potentials are nearly endless! If you could see what I can see, you’d be obsessed too.

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